The AIR MILES Reward Program has announced the addition of multiple, market-leading brands to its Rewards portfolio, including Spotify, providing Collectors with more ways to use Miles on the brands they love. This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

These new Reward offers include global brands that represent music, entertainment and gaming verticals, enhancing the Program experience for AIR MILES’ nearly 11 million active Collectors and making the Program more rewarding than ever.

In the current environment, which has changed the Collector experience and expectations for Rewards, AIR MILES says it recognises the importance of attracting new brands that support its goal of rewarding Canadians every day in unique and accessible ways.

“We are thrilled to welcome multiple new global brands as part of our robust Rewards portfolio, supporting the continued enhancement of our Program while creating new channels for us to deliver value back to our Collectors,” said Blair Cameron, President, AIR MILES Reward Program.

With these new Rewards opportunities, Collectors now have access to Spotify, a digital music service that gives members access to thousands of songs and the ability to personalize their listening experience.

This service can be redeemed using Cash Miles, allowing Collectors to choose denominations of Can$10, giving them flexibility in how they redeem.

Along with Spotify, AIR MILES is expanding its Rewards portfolio by giving Collectors access to four different 12-month digital gaming subscriptions with the use of Dream Miles.

These include: Nintendo Switch Online, a 12-month family subscription; Xbox Live Gold Membership, which allows you to play with friends online; PlayStation NOW, a cloud-based gaming subscription; and, PlayStation Plus, a subscription service that gives Collectors deals and exclusive discounts.

AIR MILES is also continuing to experience growth through its online shopping portal,, with the addition of major brands such as Simons, Estee Lauder, Samsung and Columbia, among others.

This expansion to the AIR MILES ecommerce platform now gives Collectors access to over two hundred online stores.

In addition to the above, this year the Program had more than 35 new Partners join through AIR MILES Incentives, which supports small-to-mid-size companies with the opportunity to issue AIR MILES to their customers. These new Partners represent the home service, auto and real estate categories, among others, providing additional ways for Collectors to get Miles at a local level.

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