COPC, a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to optimize the customer experience, has announced the online virtualization of its consulting, training, certification and Vendor Management Organization services. This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the business community are taking drastic measures to ensure continuity and quality of services in the face of unprecedented restrictions. Naturally, with an international client base, COPC has a good understanding of the monumental and complex challenges that many companies are scrambling to overcome. Accordingly, almost all of COPC’s portfolio of training, consulting and certification services has been transformed for virtual delivery:

  • CX Training Courses
    The company’s CX training courses are now available virtually, reducing costs associated with travel and lodging. Course participants receive the same level of high-quality content and instructor attention as they would receive in an in-person class, but now from the convenience of their own home or office. COPC’s virtual training courses are offered in five languages and provide students with live interactions, including one-on-ones with instructors, as well as group discussions and case work.
  • CX Consulting services
    CX consulting services are designed around a simple set of goals – to help clients achieve a level of high-performance within their CX operations, while reducing cost and increasing revenue. By virtualizing CX consulting services, COPC helps facilitate ongoing improvements with less interruption and uncertainty due to travel restrictions and other concerns. These services aim to consistently drive highly desired outcomes, typically resulting in reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • CX Certification
    Certification to the COPC Customer Experience Standard is a prestigious recognition – an indication of a company’s commitment to best practices and continuous improvement. Virtualization of the certification process allows companies to remain compliant to the COPC CX Standard with less reliance on schedule availability, travel and site visits.
  • Vendor Management Organization (VMO) Services
    COPC has been advising VMOs since 2002, helping clients maximize the value they gain from their outsourced service providers (OSPs). The company’s virtualized VMO services provides clients with greater agility in managing OSPs, reducing lead time and delays on critical projects and implementations.

Along with adapting existing services to a virtual environment, COPC is also committed to helping companies rapidly pivot customer experience operations to a Work-At-Home model. For organizations new to the Work-At-Home model, the company provides a wealth of guidance, including support for the design, deployment and ongoing management of new programs. There are also services for companies with a pre-existing Work-At-Home program, such as comprehensive review and performance optimization plans.

“We are currently in the trenches with our clients as they manage unprecedented change on incredibly short notice,” said Kyle Kennedy, Chief Operations Officer for COPC. “We are confident that the shift toward virtualization is not only necessary but will provide many in the industry with much needed resources as they navigate fundamental change, and a speedy return to ‘business as usual’.”

Original Source – used with permission