Areas of Expertise

We work with organisations seeking to understand the ongoing dynamics of customer engagement and the widespread national and regional variances

CSN Services

What we offer as a collective

What's Next?

Build competitive advantage into your future managment of consumers.

Loyalty Program Reviews

Make better decisions, on how to influence customer behaviour grow commercial value.

Research & Analysis

Seek a global perspective for what influences customer engagement.

Global Best Practice

Access First-hand experience of leading customer engagement programs from across the globe.

Vendor Assessment

Undertake an independent assessment of your marketing technologies to ensure future readiness.

 Partner Services

What our businesses offer

Loyalty Finance

Accurately predicting redemption costs & customer lifetime value.

Behavioural Science

Driving business outcomes through Neuro, Data & Behavioural Science.

Data Privacy & Regulation

Advice for businesses, brands & individuals how to manage their personal data asset opportunities & risks.

Content Creation

Targeting industry professionals who specialise in creating running & optimising marketing programs.

Training & Accreditation

The premiere global education & accreditation organization for loyalty marketing practitioners.

Partner Sourcing

Identify the right customer engagement platform to meet your needs, or run a tender process to ensure a cost-effective outcome.

Payments & Loyalty

Integrate consumer loyalty into your payment strategy.

Digital Engagement

Best of Breed Omni-Channel Communications.

Academic Research

Access Academic research to understand the role of loyalty and habit in brand-customer relationships.

Multi Tenant Loyalty

Connected infrastructure & data strategies for mixed property portfolios.

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