Anita Toth

Chief Churn Crusher, Anita Toth

B2B customer experience and success

About Anita…

Anita Toth loves her job—finding out what customers really think of the companies they buy from so those companies can fix the processes that make customers unhappy.  Anita and her team help companies deeply understand what their customers are and aren’t saying about their experiences with them—both the good and the not-so-good. Our CCS proprietary method helps companies see the whole picture from the customer’s viewpoint—filling in the gaps between what customers are saying when they provide feedback and what they’re really thinking and feeling about those companies.

Our clients use these deep insights to validate their hard data, to identify crucial spots in the customer journey that are causing customers to become unhappy, and to better understand the subtle differences between customer segments that allow for greater customization of the customer journey. Our clients experience increased customer retention, increased expansion revenues (from more upsells, cross-sells, and renewals), more positive word-of-mouth marketing, and increased referrals.

Anita describes herself as an incredibly curious person who has a near-obsessive compulsion to know ‘why’. This led her to 20+ years of working in qualitative research in 2 world-class universities. Her primary clients are mid-market B2B SaaS  (Software as a Service) companies. Her team has over 60 years of combined experience in gathering, analyzing, and reporting on customer feedback for both SMB and Enterprise companies.

If you're looking to increase customer loyalty by providing an excellent customer experience and are willing to go beyond internal assumptions and externally validating exactly what your customers are looking for, reach out to Anita.