Dr Anil V. Pillai

Director, Terragni Consulting (P) Ltd

Business Advisory

 302-303, Supreme Centre, Anand Park, ITI Road Aundh, Pune 411007 (India)

 +91 20 25885776




About Dr Anil…

Once we get past our primary driver of seeking and enhancing survival of ourselves, our species, our DNA, what matters most is our deeply embedded need to avoid pain and enhance pleasure. Everything we do in our lives is centered around this unalterable truth.
Rooted in this thinking is the "Terragni Behavioral Model of Human Engagement".
My work and passion is in the area of emotion insight, behavior change, habits,motivations and cognitive barriers to engagement.
Do write in if you wish to work, collaborate, co-create in these areas or simply to have a cup of coffee and discuss , am always looking to learn. Let's create some happy engagements together !

Successful organizations have two key assets :
*Engaged Customers who will stand by them through times good and bad.
*Engaged Employees who make it well worth your Customer's while to do so.

And these are the two things we make happen.

www.terragni.in and www,buyerbrain.com for our award winning models , tools and methodologies.

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