Jim Griffin

AI Practice Head Robosoft Technologies: Faculty Member: University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, Masters in Business Analytics (MSBA): Faculty Member Loyalty Academy, Analytics Track: Podcast Host AI Master Group, Robosoft Technologies

Artificial Intelligence/Customer Loyalty

 Robosoft Technologies 95 Third St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco CA 94103




About Jim…

Jim’s work is at the intersection of Loyalty and AI. He has managed loyalty and analytics projects in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Cyprus, Jamaica and in every time zone in the US. He represents a team of over 100 AI developers, all with Masters degree and above, plus 9 PhDs. The team has implemented over 400 AI use cases at more than 90 companies.

Jim’s past AI-based projects have targeted brand objectives such as customer lifetime value, marketing spend optimization, customer predictive models, and Segment of One messaging.

His AI team also conducts “Art of the Possible” workshops for companies that want to understand the different ways that AI might be used to enhance sales, customer satisfaction and ROI.

In addition, he represents an engineering team at Robosoft Technologies that has done multiple projects related to loyalty, including the Young Living membership and loyalty app, the MakeItCount loyalty program and fuel discounts, the noonpay payment wallet app, and various loyalty-on-the-go features for the Homesy app (the future of home ownership in the UAE). The Robosoft team also did all the backend engineering for PayPay, which is the #1 payment app in Japan, with over 38 million users.

In addition to AI-based projects, Jim has managed numerous classic analytics projects, involving methods ranging from basics like linear regression, clustering, and random forest, to more advanced techniques, such as boosting, Markov chains, genetic algorithms, Pareto NBD, support vector machine, collaborative filtering, time series forecasting and linear programming.

Publications:  "The Customer Genome: An Empirical Approach to Segment of One Marketing," DMA Analytics Journal, 2018

Patents: An approach for detecting employee abuse of rewards programs. Patent Pending: US 62/260,186 Method and System for Attributing Transactions to an Account.