Len Llaguno

Founder & Managing Partner, Kyros Insights

Loyalty Marketing

 7813 Point Hollow Dr, Richmond, Virginia, 23227, United States




About Len…

Len Llaguno is the Founder and Managing Partner at KYROS Insights, the world’s only actuarial firm that solely focuses on loyalty programs. He and his team have been working with many of the world’s largest loyalty programs for more than 10+ years, doing highly specialized actuarial analytics to address the wide range of finance, accounting and economic issues facing modern loyalty programs.

At KYROS, he leads a team of innovative actuaries with deep experience in this niche field. They combine actuarial theory, data science, machine learning and cloud computing to help loyalty programs quantify and optimize customer lifetime value. They also use these models to help loyalty programs with the financial reporting related to loyalty program liabilities.

Len is the industry leader in this place, teaching the course at the Loyalty Academy on Liability Management, authoring the leader actuarial papers on loyalty program liabilities, and constantly putting out educational content about optimizing liabilities with predictive customer lifetime value

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