Many Canadian consumers are turning to retail stores after conducting at least some online shopping research or activity beforehand, and ‘relevant marketing’ messages have been cited as one of the most important factors in their purchase decisions, , according to a report from Eagle Eye, which examines the changing preferences of Canadian consumers and how they interact with retailers during their shopping journeys. This article is copyright 2020 The Best Customer Guide.

The report also identified digital shopping trends that are impacting how retailers and brands should engage customers, grow sales and improve loyalty in a highly competitive market. Part of an independent survey of 4,013 consumers in Canada, Australia, the UK and US, the report entitled ‘The Connected Customer: Maximizing the Benefits of Performance Marketing to Reach Canadian Consumers’, examined how Canadian consumers now conduct the search, browsing, discovery and buying phases of their shopping journeys.

Understanding current customer preferences also ensures retailers’ overall marketing efforts will deliver the most value for customers and generate positive returns on their investment.

Based on survey responses from consumers who bought products or services and visited a physical store, used an app or a website before making the purchase, the report found that:

  • Canadian consumers visited three digital channels on average before buying
  • 61% of Canadian consumers conducted at least one online shopping activity prior to purchase instore
  • 64% of Canadian consumers said relevant marketing is very important to them
  • 59% collected or used loyalty points or vouchers within two weeks of taking the survey
  • Canadian consumers are the most likely (31%) to have visited a social network before making a purchase, compared with 30% in Australia, 29% in the US, and 10% in the UK

The full report includes the company’s advice to help retailers and brands engage Canadian consumers using digital tools and to augment their shopping experiences both online and in-store.

Original Source – used with permission