In this age of digitalisation, where profitability increasingly depends on the effectiveness of a company’s open ecosystem, the Customer Strategy Network provides a strategic framework to ensure data privacy & profitable customer management successfully coexist:

  • Bricks & Mortar retailers now require a deeper understanding of their customers as individuals with a diversity of needs & channel preferences.
  • The concept of customer privacy has evolved.  Many of us have relinquished our own digital privacy by sharing our lives on social networks & privacy for each of us no longer means the same thing.
  • The application of new privacy regulations will cause companies to reshape & rethink their approach to the use of aggregated digital platforms.

To effectively communicate with consumers, companies will have to build trust & “earn” ongoing permissions.  Our approach to Customer Management includes:

  1. Researching and understanding your audience(s) and the reasons why they buy from you.
  2. Finding the right channel to engage with & optimise each specific audience.
  3. Managing the perception of time, rather than simply getting consumers in and out of the door
  4. Developing predictive sales models based on the analysis of key sales drivers

Customer Strategy Network members helps bricks & mortar merchants drive digital transformation, through the practical application of loyalty marketing capabilities, latest innovation, and intelligent use of customer data to deliver ongoing value for your customers and your brand