“The Australian Loyalty Association (ALA) was established to provide
thought leadership, education, and networking opportunities to those
working in the loyalty industry. With our unique knowledge of the Australian
loyalty landscape, the ALA is proud to deliver our first Annual Loyalty
Insights Report.
We have created this report through multiple sources of insights including
cultural trends and behavioural science, social listening data, qualitative
focus groups and a quantitative survey of 2,868 Australian consumers.
We explored the differing role of brand, product and program in nurturing
consumer loyalty and relationships within 10 key industries, to help decision
makers understand what’s important to customers in their category, and
also to provide critical benchmarks, so often missing. In doing so, we aim
to provide our members with an unbiased understanding of the consumer
perspective on loyalty programs that operate in the Australian market and
to empower our members to create bold strategies and agile solutions to
acquire and retain their most valuable customers.
In 2022, we are proud to bring you Australia’s most comprehensive loyalty

Sarah Richardson
CEO, Australian Loyalty Association